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    "A New Paradigm Venture Capital Firm"
    Investing & Advising Startups with Purpose


    We work with values-aligned entrepreneurs and organizations


    "Outperforming for-profits alone by 9-to-1, 'For Benefit' Companies are truly winning in business"

    We are in midst of an investment crisis. The business model and incentive structure of venture capital has remained stagnant for decades, fixated on getting more: more funds, more returns, more control. Yet this pursuit of more begs the question: what is more for?


    For Benefit Ventures backs bold entrepreneurial teams that tackle social, environmental, and human issues comprehensively, at scale. Founded by Raj Lahoti, the firm is guided by alignment of purpose and returns.


    We back the ventures that we believe the world needs more of.


    Andrew Hewitt, Founder of GameChangers500 - Keynote at Conscious Capitalism SD


    "Outperforming for-profits alone by 9-to-1, 'For Benefit' Companies are truly winning in business"


    We invest in enlightened entrepreneurship & innovative organizations for the benefit of our planet & society

    GameChangers 500

    The World's Top For-Benefit Companies

    GameChangers 500 profiles the world’s top For-Benefit businesses that are focused on maximizing benefit to people and the planet, rather than just maximizing profit-at-all-cost. Considered an alternative to lists like the Fortune 500, GameChangers 500 looks beyond revenue as the “point system” and awards organizations up to 9 badges that represent symbols of success in this “new game” of business. The badges cover a spectrum of best practices within the categories of:

    • WHY they are in business (purpose-first or profit-first)
    • HOW they run the business (operations that positively impact people and the planet)
    • WHAT impact the business is creating (depth and breadth of social, environmental and economic impact)

    Among the top 500 are socially and environmentally conscious leaders like Patagonia and Method, mavericks of workplace culture like Zappos and Virgin, as well as innovators like Tesla Motors and IDEO. Although the qualified organizations excel in different badge categories and are a zoo of different legal breeds, they are unified in their commitment to use business to create a better world.

    Neurohacker Collective

    Comprehensive hardware upgrade for radical cognitive enhancement

    Cognitive capacity is a nuanced relationship between many variables.


    Optimizing for one variable of cognitive function at the expense of other critical ones would not give us the result of comprehensive enhancement of human capability. For instance, having drive without the ability to focus well, or willpower without emotional resilience.


    For that reason, Neurohacker designs formulas that deliberately balances subjective effects to give meaningful enhancement in a comprehensive way – a whole system upgrade.


    Neurohacker features Qualia, a supplement stack with 42 ingredients that will optimize every major system of your brain so that you can be more productive and create more impact in the world.


    Increasing the quality of life of Americans through optimized access to meals designed for optimal healing and vitality.

    Carlsbad, CA


    In partnership with progressive and caring health-care practitioners nationwide, MediMeals will be launching the first organic whole-food, plant-based meal regimen that doctors can prescribe to their patients as easily as pharmaceuticals and surgery.

    The EVOlution Room

    Activate Your Genius

    An Evo Room provides training to develop self awareness and activate human potential.

    Our training focuses on 5 core areas of life - emotional well being, physical well being, nutrition, relationships, and finances.

    Evo Rooms are delivered within fun and entertaining experiences including parties, workshops, festivals, concerts, retreats, and interactive online training. Our mission is to advance humanity forward by offering the most transformational, cutting-edge personal growth training that incorporates community-building activities, music, personal growth experts, social experiments, dancing, movies, healing practices, spiritual & scientific education, technology, group video chat discussions, ceremonies, and more.


    Research & Product Development in NanoMedicines.

    Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries, Inc. is an all-natural biotech company that is the industry’s first and only manufacturer of water-soluble CBD technology, BioCBD™.


     The discovery of Hybrid-Nanoengineering™ technology has literally begun a revolution in the nutraceuticals industry, opening the door for advancements in bioavailability. These discoveries, and other's like them, are leading to a new generation in hybrid formulations that are not only more effective, but also safer for the consumer. 


    Our technologies are the first true scientific breakthroughs in the CBD industry. Nature can once again become the choice for suffering people. Our desire to help people and improve their quality of life is the driving force behind our products and services. 

    Experience Tribe

    Mission: We exist to elevate individuals within our community to express their unique gifts and to help make connections so we can all thrive at the intersection of health, wealth, and happiness.

    We thrive off of personal, tribal, and collective growth. We have a lot of fun, and we tend to hug people . . . a lot. We give more than we get. We seek to fuel the local economy with the power of our community. We throw awesome parties!


    We co-create both in-person events and virtual environments where entrepreneurs, change-agents, creators, makers, and local businesses can come together to do great things.


    Mission: Transform the advertising industry into a force for good.

    Intently is a predictive online vision boarding app that replaces online ads with inspiration. With the world's most inspiring images replacing advertisements, the web becomes your personal reminder to the intentions and communities that matter to you.



    The hypothesis is that online advertising, at best, is misdirected, and at worst, manipulative; it effects how Information Age generations see/interact with life and is a ripe control group for a larger experiment that could fundamentally shift how advertising is viewed and conducted.

    Powur Solar

    Putting Solar Panels on 2 Million Homes by 2025

    We are the first public benefit corporation (B-corp) to exist in the direct marketing industry. As such, our overarching purpose is to contribute to society & our environment in a way that enriches life on this planet for all future generations.



    We’re accomplishing this goal by creating the first entrepreneurial platform for solar energy. Our platform empowers individuals to step up, and create their own business in solar from the palm of their hand.

  • Our Team

    We are so honored to serve and collaborate on a powerful mission

    Raj Lahoti

    Founder & General Partner

    Raj Lahoti is Founder and General Partner of FBV. He invested his own money to start the original fund from his profit from his other ventures to start FBV with a fund. Raj is the visionary behind FBV and brainstorms & collaborates with FBV advisors, founders from invested companies, and his local community to trail blaze this “game-changing” and “new paradigm” venture investment firm.

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    Johnny Chan

    Managing Director

    Johnny Chan is an operating partner of For Benefit Ventures (FBV). He provides domain expertise in product, marketing, strategy and operations for the firm and its portfolio companies. Johnny also cofounded and directs product and engineering teams for Intently (a FBV portfolio company), which was selected by World Technology Network as a finalist in software innovation.

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