• Raj Lahoti

    Founder & General Partner


    Raj Lahoti is Founder and General Partner of FBV. He invested his own money to start the original FBV fund with his profits from his other ventures. Raj is the visionary behind FBV and brainstorms & collaborates with FBV advisors, founders from invested companies, and his local community to trail blaze this “game-changing” and “new paradigm” venture investment firm.


    Coming from a business driven family, Raj started selling baseball cards and comics at the age of 7, joined Amway at 14, worked for his genius older sister selling watches at outdoor marketplaces, and then caught the digital bug when he started his first website at 14, empowering other website owners to do cool things with their site by promoting design and animation online.


    By the age of 19, after years of his older brothers were buying up great domain names, Raj decided he would help domain holders like his brothers generate money from their domains and sites, rather than leaving them parked to ‘collect dust’. This later lead to him to join his brother in co-founding DMV.org, the most visited government information site in the United States.


    After 14 years of serving as the CEO, Raj decided it was time to step away from day to day, empower his team, and focus on starting and investing in For Benefit companies.


    Due to his background in multiple successful startups, Raj dips into operational roles when needed to get FBV off the ground and to create this platform and network to support investors, entrepreneurs, and contributors to focus their energy toward this new initiative.


    Raj is driven to see a world brought into the Golden Age. An age where people are lead by the ‘golden rule’ - to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Ultimately, to give others the ‘gift you wish to receive’. This passion is channeled through FBV, advising and inspiring other entrepreneurs, and starting new paradigm technology systems to support our planet and humanities phase shift.

  • Johnny Chan

    Managing Director


    Johnny Chan is an operating partner of For Benefit Ventures (FBV). He provides domain expertise in product, marketing, strategy and operations for the firm and its portfolio companies.


    Johnny cofounded eBoost Consulting where he was recognized as one of the top CEOs in San Diego by San Diego Business Journal in 2013 and led the company culture that was awarded One of the Top Places to Work in San Diego for three consecutive years. Johnny also cofounded and directs product and engineering teams for Intently (a FBV portfolio company), which was selected by World Technology Network as a finalist in software innovation.


    Johnny has been a featured educator at institutions such as Innovation Endeavors, Boston University Questrom School of Business, and Silicon Valley Forum on topics of startup science, marketing, product and technology. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of California San Diego.


    FBV serves as a new paradigm of teal investment. How to reinvent investment that aligns wholeness and evolutionary purpose across the firm and its portfolio companies is the opportunity that taps into Johnny’s inspiration to explore.

  • Jess Magic

    Chief Coherence Officer


    Jess Magic is the Chief Coherence Officer for FBV. She supports in vetting out the ethics, integrity and alignment of the founders and their companies and serves as an ad-hoc consultant for their business models and brands. She also helps attract and sort through prospective talent that could be a synergistic addition to FBV’s portfolio of investments.


    Jess began her first for-benefit company, Consciously Social, fresh out of college and began building a reputation as a young innovator and philanthropist amongst San Diego’s young professional community. Her work geared towards connecting businesses and nonprofit agencies whose audiences shared values and passions and developing customized initiatives that could be fulfilling, lucrative and fun. From there she founded her first 501(c)3, Jeans 4 Justice, focusing on leadership and education, bringing issues of healthy relationships, sexuality and social activism into middle schools, high schools and colleges all over the U.S.


    With a strong proclivity towards symbiosis, Jess is a true talent scout. She looks into all angles for the structural integrity of initiatives, starting with the vision, values and embodiment of the founders and leadership teams. She has a keen sense of what creates a truly synergistic relationship from the people, profit, planet vantage point and is passionate about using her gifts to create a more thriving world for all through FBV’s partnerships.


    Jess Magic is in love with the planet. She has a fire in her heart to support new systems coming in to replace those that are breaking, and believes deeply in the intentions, mission, values and relationships of FBV. She believes FBV is an avatar and a model to “reimagine investment” and take their initiatives to new heights through a multi-faceted approach to investment that goes beyond capital and into character.

  • Nate Stein

    Venture Support Manager

    Nate got bit by the entrepreneurial bug early. At age 19, Nate started his first company, Dormset.com, a social media site for student musicians that quickly grew to 1500 members in its first few months before Nate decided to focus on his own personal music career. After graduating from Syracuse University, Nate started his own company, Nature Applications, which developed, designed, and marketed mobile apps for several clients including SalonMom, Airport Parking USA, and multiple radio stations. While Nate grew his business, he was brought in to consult with different startups such as Feedbands, Welcome (app), and Seedtabs.


    After years of working in the app industry, Nate decided to follow his greater passion for health by figuring out how to incorporate his business skills with his love for spreading health and benefitting the planet. In 2014, along with two others, Nate founded Kavala Oils, which sells flavored organic coconut oil for oil pulling. It centers around blending essential oils and coconut oil so that the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling can be a more enjoyable and healthy experience. FBV is the perfect fit for Nate because he is able to combine his previous business skills with his desire to make the planet a better place through supporting for benefit companies.


    Nate Stein brings awareness, clarity, and strong communication skills to FBV. His greatest strength is listening and helping to determine next steps based on any given situation. He has years of experience in marketing, general business strategies, sales, health, and social media. Nate up-levels FBV by effectively moving the company forward to full alignment with its mission.


    Nate joined FBV because he deeply loved what it stands for. Having a strong passion in supporting the Earth through business, FBV was the perfect fit for Nate. Nate believes that the evolution of humans will depend on conscious companies that use new technologies and healthy business models to contribute to bettering the planet. Nate is motivated to increase FBV’s success and its company’s efficiencies so that FBV can support more companies that will contribute to our evolution as a society. He enjoys conscious communication and desires to act as a role model in the world of investment.