• Raj Lahoti

    Founder & General Partner


    Raj Lahoti is Founder and General Partner of FBV. He invested his own money to start the original FBV fund with his profits from his other ventures. Raj is the visionary behind FBV and brainstorms & collaborates with FBV advisors, founders from invested companies, and his local community to trail blaze this “game-changing” and “new paradigm” venture investment firm.


    Coming from a business driven family, Raj started selling baseball cards and comics at the age of 7, joined Amway at 14, worked for his genius older sister selling watches at outdoor marketplaces, and then caught the digital bug when he started his first website at 14, empowering other website owners to do cool things with their site by promoting design and animation online.


    By the age of 19, after years of his older brothers were buying up great domain names, Raj decided he would help domain holders like his brothers generate money from their domains and sites, rather than leaving them parked to ‘collect dust’. This later lead to him to join his brother in co-founding DMV.org, the most visited government information site in the United States.


    After 14 years of serving as the CEO, Raj decided it was time to step away from day to day, empower his team, and focus on starting and investing in For Benefit companies.


    Due to his background in multiple successful startups, Raj dips into operational roles when needed to get FBV off the ground and to create this platform and network to support investors, entrepreneurs, and contributors to focus their energy toward this new initiative.


    Raj is driven to see a world brought into the Golden Age. An age where people are lead by the ‘golden rule’ - to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Ultimately, to give others the ‘gift you wish to receive’. This passion is channeled through FBV, advising and inspiring other entrepreneurs, and starting new paradigm technology systems to support our planet and humanities phase shift.